These poems trace the curve of a woman's body through innocence lost, to love found, to love forgotten. The words herein describe a world in which love is a temporary comfort, and the only true solace is ourselves. From themes of violation and violence; to worship, lust, and careful desire, Awake to Listen takes you on a sensual voyage through sex, rot, and sleep. You're never certain if you're meant to be dreaming, waking, or in that in-between space, watching motes of dust float lazily in the sunlight. That is the magic of M. Chastain Flournoy's work. She touches something inside you that is dirty and base without making you feel unholy. Her honest look at her own relationships and mental health, along with her tragic longing to be cared for speak to us all.


A collection of queer poetry about sex, rot, and sleep.

I sing the praises of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it. I share this book with my clients because I believe this book changed my life and broke the word spells that molded me for decades.

Her stomach is both separate and fully connected to her bosom and cunt. The biology of woman betrays that her cunt is vulnerable, that her bosom is comforting, and that her stomach houses strength and life.