Autumn Workshops with Madam C

Join me this Autumn for educational opportunities that can enhance your play, dynamic, outlook, and skill sets.


9/24 "Making The Time: Work/Life Balance in an M/s Relationship" @ 1 PM for MAsT Williamsburg

  • Being realistic about M/s dynamics
  • Evaluating time, quality time, and personal time
  • Total Power Exchange and work
  • Self care, self-advocacy, and selfishness- how they are different


10/10 "Why We Play: BDSM Scenes from Start to Finish"  ($5) 6:30 PM -8:30 PM at Fallout

  • Identifying our individual needs in a scene
  • Self advocacy and scene negotiation
  • How to stop comparing our play to others'
  • Planning and ritualizing our play from both sides
  • BDSM Headspace, what it is, how to get it, and how to maintain it throughout the scene
  • Successful pre-care and aftercare strategies
  • Why feedback is important
  • Printed workbook plus bonus digital resources


11/2 "Interrogation Play"  (Free) 6:45 PM -8:30 PM at Fallout

  • Negotiation
  • Props for interrogation play
  • Setting the scene
  • Coercive techniques
  • Inducing anxiety & fight or flight
  • Scene flow
  • Safe words / signals
  • Succesful pre-care and aftercare strategies


11/7 "The Art of Femdom: The Power of the Female Top/Domme/Sadist"  (Free) 6:30PM -8:30 PM at Fallout

  • The history of female dominants
  • How we view powerful women in society today
  • Why you don't have to be dominant to be in control
  • Making your domination your own
  • IFeminism
  • Power exchange & female-led relationships
  • Questions about being a female top, resources, support, and more!



12/2 "Traditional & Modern Service Values for the Mindful Spirit" co-lead with a special guest ($5+ Donation to The National MS Society) 1 PM to 5 PM at a private location

  • An overview of traditional beverage service (incl. tea, coffee, wine, beer, and spirits)
  • Creating rituals within our power dynamics
  • Bringing mindfulness to service
  • Online resources
  • Modern service and "making it your own"
  • Service myths and why service isn't one sided


12/2  "Gaining Confidence to Top When You Aren't a Top" ($5+ Donation to The National MS Society6PM to 8:20 PM at a private location

  • Why it is okay to be curious about topping
  • Why tops sometimes want to be bottoms
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your preferred BDSM role
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your vanilla life
  • How to focus on learning new skills
  • Exercises to keep your confidence growing
  • Digital resources



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Special Offer! August is for Adjusting Your Vision

Adjust Your Vision this August!

This August I am offering coaching sessions for $35 each! That's a whopping $40 OFF the intake session and $15-$65 off individual coaching sessions! You can book one session with me or multiple!

Sometimes we feel scattered and need a little push. Let me work with you to discover your passions and talents, and then create some tangible action steps to get you moving!

Here are the offer rules:

  • All sessions must be scheduled within the month of August
  • All sessions must take PLACE before 9/15
  • Sessions may be chat, or in person
  • No Skype  or phone sessions are eligible for this offer
  • Sessions are non-transferable and must be prepaid
  • No refunds will be offered
  • Sessions will last a maximum of 1 hour
  • The Coaching Agreement and Coaching Information form MUST be signed prior to your first session
  • Existing clients ARE eligible for this offer!
  • Only available for individuals aged 18 and up
  • If you are a NEW client, your first session will count as your intake and may not yield action steps

What are you waiting for?  REGISTER NOW!!!

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Free Workshop 8/29 6 PM EST

Gaining Confidence to Top When You Aren't A Top

Presented by: Madam C

Location: Fallout 117 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223

Time: 6 PM- 8:40 PM           Free & Open to 18+


Do you identify as a submissive, slave, little, switch, or bottom? Have you ever been asked to top? Have you ever been curious about topping? Have you ever felt less than confident in your ability to top?

This workshop is for you!

Robotsatemyhair is going to share her proven techniques to help you identify strengths outside play so you can make them work for you in scenes!

We'll focus on:

  • Why it is okay to be curious about topping
  • Why tops sometimes want to be bottoms
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your preferred BDSM role
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your vanilla life
  • How to focus on learning new skills
  • Negotiating about topping when you're a bottom
  • Exercises to keep your confidence growing
  • And more!

This workshop is for all genders who are part of all dynamics, single, partnered, or poly age 18+.

What to Bring:

  • pen/pencil
  • paper/notebook
  • Fallout serves EXCELLENT food and drink. Cleanest kitchen in Richmond!!!

About the Presenter:

Madam C, is a Dominatrix who specializes in Life Coaching and Self Care Education. She has been sharing her Self Care knowledge and passion for kink with the BDSM and Chronic pain communities since 2012. She is a Delegate for the International Pain Foundation (the non-kinky pain, sadly) and has received training from the International Coaching Federation. Madam C has dedicated the past few years of her work to supporting closeted kinksters and a promoting self care awareness to anyone she meets. Prior to that she spent over a decade in corporate training and management focusing her energy on process improvement and adult learners.


Self Care Sessions


Have You Taken Time for Yourself Lately?

Men and women handle daily stress differently. Women need a trusted confidant. Men need an escape. Both can be defined as "me time". None of us are taking enough time for ourselves. But we should be! It's an important part of self care!

What Is Self Care?

Everything that you do to stay alive, and out of a doctor or therapist's office is technically self care. Self care can encompass broad strategies such as stress management and living mindfully. Self care can also address issues with self-esteem and worth.

When we are not sated by sleep, food, water, and human contact, we become less than ourselves.

Why Do I Have to Learn Self Care?


Self care isn't always easy. Self care requires you to make conscious decisions to put yourself first and requires every day practice to become part of your life. This becomes complicated within interpersonal and professional relationships where we are tasked with caring for others. You are not, however, allowed to give up the responsibility you have to take care of yourself... and you cannot serve from an empty vessel.

Being over-worked, subsisting on a poor diet, and leading a life that lacks joy can detract from existing authentically. I can work with you to find or make the time you need for yourself.  I offer Self Care Sessions that focus on meeting your emotional need to recharge.

For couples, small groups, & individuals, this session includes:

  • Self Care education
  • Finding your Self Care "Blind Spots"
  • Developing a Self Care Plan
  • Take-home strategies for creating a Self Care Lifestyle
  • Guided practice of relaxation and visualization skills
  • Online or In-Person Sessions
  • Learning how Self Care fits into your life and schedule with proven techniques for calming the mind
  • The option of a 60 or 90 minute session, or package plans
  • Sliding scale available