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The Femdom Happy Hour 12/10, Richmond, Virginia

Madam C welcomes all female-identifying tops, sadists, Dom/mes, and more to network, socialize, and spend time with friends on January 10th, 2018 @ 5 PM!

Enjoy cocktails or mocktails at Can Can Brasserie, a Parisian-style steak frites eatery in a classic bistro setting in the heart of Carytown, Richmond.

This rotating social hour happens once monthly to promote kinship between strong, dominant women in the BDSM community and allow a space for sharing and support alike.

Sex & Sensuality Self Care Challenge – Ring in The New Year!

New Year- new connection with yourself!

So far I've asked you to:

  • Fake it until you make it by:

    • Walking around naked
    • For each negative thought about yourself, listing three things you like about your body and mind
    • Complimenting yourself!
    • Using music to help you feel powerful and sexy
  • Own your body by:

    • Making self care a daily part of your life
    • Taking ownership of your emotions, actions, and needs
    • Loving your flaws AND your fierceness
    • Answering some tough questions about what you need
  • Touch your body by:

    • Masturbating to become more comfortable with your body, release yummy happiness chemicals, and help you feel sexier!
    • Getting in touch with your body through a body scan meditation
    • Massaging your body
    • Engaging the senses with favourite tastes, textures, sounds, sights, and smells!
    • Asking yourself how trying these things affected the way you touch yourself

New Year, New Sensual You! (15 Tasks!)

To prepare for 2018, and embracing a new and more sensual you... here are are daily tasks to carry you into the New Year! Each task builds on the next, so if you miss a day, just make it up the next!

12/27 12/28 12/29 12/30 12/31
Thank your body for being sexy and for serving you every day! Your body works hard. Thanking it every day reminds you how valuable it is! Spend 10 minutes touching your own skin. Try some self massage, a body oil or lotion, or soft caresses!


Eat something sexy & nutritious. Try dark chocolate, avocado, oysters, a peach, ripe berries, honey, almonds or something spicy!



Ground your body by bathing mindfully. Take a shower or bath and focus on how the water sounds and feels. Up the sexy by turning out the lights!



Wear something that makes you feel powerful and seductive while you toast the new year with Prosecco, Sparkling Cider, or Champagne! Dress up EVEN IF YOU ARE STAYING HOME NYE!





1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5
Wear your favourite comfortable clothes and try this relaxing meditation to build your confidence! (By Great Meditation) Release! Masturbate, have a good cry, exercise, play a video game, or dance! Do something to release energy! Wear sexy underwear. Don't have some? Buy some!- Or window shop and imagine yourself wearing it!



Spend 5 minutes looking in the mirror at your body and telling yourself what you LOVE about yourself.



Hug a friend or partner for at least 90 seconds. This releases oxytocin that helps you feel calm. Don't like touch? No problem! Spend 5 minutes looking at a picture of someone you love deeply or petting a beloved pet!


1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10
Look over your answers to the questions from Day 5. Have any of your answers changed? Can you answer those "I don't knows" now? 


Repeat Day 8 of the challenge and touch your body, do a body scan meditation, and/or indulge your senses! 


Challenge negative thoughts about yourself and your body. Check out this article from about what negative thoughts are and how to squash them with mindfulness! 


Commit to daily self care! Here are 45 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul from! 




Keep it going! Being kind, loving, and positive about yourself and your body is something that takes practice! Self care takes practice! Even masturbation takes practice! I challenge you to make 2018 your most sensual year yet! Have new experiences and delight your senses whenever possible! Need help with this? Contact me today! 



Madam C’s Holiday Giveaway!


Posted by Alchemy Underground on Thursday, December 7, 2017

WIN 2 TICKETS to the Hawkins Winter Ball 1984 on Friday, 12/15 at 9 PM!

About the Event: 

The Canal Club, Richmond VA

21+ // 9PM
special ticketed event ~ Tickets onsale Thursday, November 24th
Costumes & Cosplay are Encouraged & Rewarded
sounds by:
+ CAM DINUNZIO (Denali, RVA 4 ever)
+ ANT BOOGIE (Trapped in the UpsideDown)
+ DAMION CHAMP (moves crowds w their mind)

what to wear:
1984 junior prom attire ~ Hawkins Snow Ball will be in full effect OR your favorite "Stranger Things" characters

Check out the Facebook Event!

The Femdom Happy Hour 12/13, Richmond, Virginia

Madam C welcomes all female-identifying tops, sadists, Dom/mes, and more to network, socialize, and spend time with friends on December 13th, 2017!

Enjoy the atmosphere at Richmond's Goth/Industrial/Fetish club, Fallout... and their delicious selection of food and beverages.

This rotating social hour happens once monthly to promote kinship between strong, dominant women in the BDSM community and allow a space for sharing and support alike.

Free Workshop 8/29 6 PM EST

Gaining Confidence to Top When You Aren't A Top

Presented by: Madam C

Location: Fallout 117 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223

Time: 6 PM- 8:40 PM           Free & Open to 18+


Do you identify as a submissive, slave, little, switch, or bottom? Have you ever been asked to top? Have you ever been curious about topping? Have you ever felt less than confident in your ability to top?

This workshop is for you!

Robotsatemyhair is going to share her proven techniques to help you identify strengths outside play so you can make them work for you in scenes!

We'll focus on:

  • Why it is okay to be curious about topping
  • Why tops sometimes want to be bottoms
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your preferred BDSM role
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your vanilla life
  • How to focus on learning new skills
  • Negotiating about topping when you're a bottom
  • Exercises to keep your confidence growing
  • And more!

This workshop is for all genders who are part of all dynamics, single, partnered, or poly age 18+.

What to Bring:

  • pen/pencil
  • paper/notebook
  • Fallout serves EXCELLENT food and drink. Cleanest kitchen in Richmond!!!

About the Presenter:

Madam C, is a Dominatrix who specializes in Life Coaching and Self Care Education. She has been sharing her Self Care knowledge and passion for kink with the BDSM and Chronic pain communities since 2012. She is a Delegate for the International Pain Foundation (the non-kinky pain, sadly) and has received training from the International Coaching Federation. Madam C has dedicated the past few years of her work to supporting closeted kinksters and a promoting self care awareness to anyone she meets. Prior to that she spent over a decade in corporate training and management focusing her energy on process improvement and adult learners.