Offered Classes

Madam C believes that knowledge should be shared! She offers a variety of educational opportunities for individuals, couples, small groups, and organizations.  Gather a group of friends or peers for an evening of wine and cheese with a presentation from Madam C! Learn something new and save money by inviting friends!

Contact Madam C about any of the classes below, or about creating a custom educational experience for you or your organization.

BDSM Education

  • BDSM 101 for Couples
  • Spanking & Impact: Techniques and Tools
  • Flogging with Finesse
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Safe Words, Safety, and Keeping it Sexy
  • Interrogation Scene Construction
  • Gaining Confidence to Top When You Aren't A Top
  • Top Space, Sub Space, Scene Space
  • Women in Power: The Art of Femdom
  • Makeup for Beginners
  • Feet: An Interactive Class
  • Dolls and Dollers: Dollification 101

Self Care Education

  • Self Care for Couples
  • Self Acceptance in the Closet
  • Balancing Master/slave Relationships & Work
  • Coming out Kinky: Do I Have To and How To
  • Self Care for Men
  • Relationship Agreement with Myself
  • Writing a Self Care Plan
  • How to Find Time for Yourself
  • Serving Yourself to Serve Others
  • Some Mindfulness a Day Keeps the Therapist Away