Classes & Groups

Madam C believes that knowledge should be shared! She offers a variety of educational opportunities for  groups and organizations.

Contact Madam C about any of the classes below, or about creating a custom educational experience for you or your organization.

Self Acceptance Support Group

Build your self confidence, esteem, and self-compassion in this 8-meeting series for Self Acceptance. Accepting ourselves as we are allows us to set concrete goals in our work towards becoming who we want to be! Groups are kept small (5-10 participants) and every meeting has thought-provoking homework to keep you moving forward.

We'll work on:

  • Understanding our esteem and its power
  • Working to our strengths, working with our weaknesses
  • Creating a positive internal voice
  • Asking for what we want and need
  • Confidence-boosting self care strategies
  • Taming and reframing fears
  • Accepting ourselves fully

Participants will:

  • Have access to my online database of coaching resources
  • Receive weekly e-mails with tools and reminders
  • Attend meetings twice monthly to share, learn, and grow
  • Complete fun assignments that hone in on passions
  • Get bonus tips and strategies for coping with holiday stress

* If you are currently seeing a mental health professional, please speak with them prior to signing up for this group. I am not a mental health professional, therapist, or psychologist/psychiatrist and am not qualified to treat mental health disorders. Coaching can be used as a forward-moving complement to traditional therapeutic outlets. 

Self Care Education

Classes are available for large and small groups.

  • Living Mindfully with Chronic Pain
  • Self Care for Relationships
  • Self Acceptance in the Closet
  • Balancing Master/slave Relationships & Work
  • Coming out Kinky: Do I Have To and How To
  • Self Care for Male-Identifying Individuals
  • Relationship Agreement with Myself
  • Writing a Self Care Plan
  • How to Find Time for Yourself
  • Serving Yourself to Serve Others
  • Daily Mindfulness for Modern Living
  • Non-Sexual Intimacy
  • Tantric Breathing
  • Guided Meditation for People Who Suck At Meditation