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What I Believe

I believe in the potential you have right now. It doesn't matter why you are here. It could be need, or curiosity, or despair, or hope... What matters is that you are here. You are here. You are here right now. And you have a choice.

That choice is your potential and it is boundless.

I believe that everyone, no matter what orientation, gender, or relationship style or lifestyle... deserves to feel supported and actualized so they can be their most authentic self.

My approach to coaching and ( yes... the word you have been waiting for... ) kink is holistic and based in mindfulness strategies with a dab of Jungian ideas and a sprinkling of faith.

My faith is in my desire to help you, and in your potential to help yourself.

How I Make A Difference

I have always been a leader and a teacher and a woman with strong conviction. Applying my beliefs to my skill set has allowed me to become a passionate source of support for people around the world from all walks of life. I support people who are in the closet. I support people who are transitioning. I support people who are leading BDSM or Power Dynamic lifestyles. I support people who love multiple partners consensually. I support people who are opening up their relationships. I support people with chronic conditions. I support sex workers. I support other healers and coaches in my peer group.

What I Do

Accountability, a clear path, and realistic goal-setting for individuals in their monogamous and polyamorous relationships, careers, BDSM explorations, gender identities, and lives are just some of what I offer. I have helped people with coming out, accepting their fetishes, managing addictive behaviours, managing stress, fitness goals, and professional development.

You would be surprised how motivating it is to have someone who understands and accepts you for who you are; how comforting it can be to know that you will be held responsible for your actions and progress; and how confidence-building and freeing it will feel to know that your Coach is proud of you... and with you every step of the way.

I can't give you the answers. But I can help you find answers and reactions within yourself. The real work is using those answers and reactions to create lasting, positive effects in your life. Feeling free for a moment or two is nice. Feeling like a liberated human being who lives their most authentic life... and who feels truly successful day in and day out... is the best gift I can give another person.

I free people so they can live their MOST AUTHENTIC LIVES. That's what I do.

Who I Am

In 2012, my life changed dramatically from a fast-paced, corporate path where I was working on a Business Management degree and climbing company ranks to that of severe chronic pain, bed rest, and misery. Instead of giving up and giving in, I saw this as a sign to make changes to how I viewed myself and how I expressed myself to the world. I had been living a closeted, double-life. Striving to live more authentically put me on my current path... helping others to do the same.

I am an Alternative Life and Relationship Coach that specializes in Mindfulness, Self Care and Discipline. I use a combination of Integrated Wellness Therapies and Mindfulness Techniques in my practice, along with Cognitive Behavioural and Art Coaching. I have over a decade of teaching, process development, efficiency, and management experience and four years experience providing Life Coaching and Self Care support. I have close to fifteen years of experience with BDSM, and seven years of active involvement in the kink and fetish community. I regularly attend educational events and workshops to hone my skills and discuss power dynamics in varying types of relationships. I am constantly growing my arsenal of coaching strategies to best serve my clients.

Personally, I am a healer, a kinkster, a Domina, a queer/pansexual/demisexual femme, a polyamorous woman in an open marriage with another long-term partner. I practicing ethical non-monogamy and relationship anarchy. I am a mother, an eternal student, a teacher, and someone who places high value on living authentically and cultivating meaningful interpersonal relationships.

My life and professional experience allow me to understand key elements of communication, negotiation and play of all varieties. I actively work with individuals inside and outside of the chronic pain and mental health community to enrich their lives through coaching and self care knowledge. I have achieved all of this in small, 15-20 minute increments as my pain and concentration have allowed. Every functional second that I have is spent listening and trying to grow as myself, with my family (my Pod), and within my communities.

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