Sex & Sensuality Self Care Challenge – Day 8

Touch your body.

On Day 5, I talked about owning your body and encouraged you to do a self-check-in with some questions.  We are going to add to those as this challenge continues!

Today's focus? Touch. Specifically, touching yourself. Yes, like that... but also not like that.

Why is masturbation important for self care?

Masturbation isn't for everyone. It is important to make space for everyone on the sexuality spectrum from asexual and beyond. Masturbation doesn't have to be linked to sex, however. It is merely a series of steps we take to experience a form of physical release... a release of warm, happy chemicals in the body. Adding masturbation to your self care routine can have the following benefits:

  • You become more comfortable with your own body
  • Regular release of dopamine and oxytocin in the body literally lifts your mood
  • These same chemicals can combat stress, pain, and restlessness/sleeplessness
  • Doing sexy things can help you feel sexier. Feeling sexy is really just feeling confident in yourself and in your skin!

But before you masturbate...

It is also important to know your body without the pressure of release or orgasms. This is something that we don't all spend time on daily. When was the last time you listened to your body? When was the last time you massaged your body? When was the last time you truly felt your body for no other purpose than just to feel?

Touching our bodies sensually means to embrace our skin and shapes and softness and roughness and smoothness or hairiness and experience ourselves. Allowing our senses to be filled with different textures and lights and smells and sounds is healthy for our brains!

I challenge you to give these things a shot over the weekend:

  1. Body Scan Meditation - Try a full body scan mediation like this one from The Honest Guys!  There are hundreds of guided full body scans on Youtube, so find the one that works for you. A full body scan lets you listen to the body in a mindful way. You can identify tension, stress, and personal needs by focusing on one body part at a time.
  2. Self Massage - Touch your body with healing intent by engaging in some self-massage! Here are some techniques from Back Authority. 
  3. Delight Your Senses - Do you have a favourite smell? A favourite shirt? A favourite blanket? A favourite song? A favourite taste? Gather all of your favourite sensory experiences and indulge in a session of relaxation and positive vibes.

After you try one or ALL of these ideas, spend some time answering the following questions:

  • What did I expect from my experience?
  • What surprised me about what I felt during this experience?
  • Did I learn anything new about my body or emotions?
  • Is this something I could do on a regular basis for myself?
  • Did this make me feel good?

If you tried any of these strategies before you masturbated...

  • Did I feel like my masturbation session was enhanced by indulging the senses or tuning into my body beforehand?
  • Did any of my sensual experiences transfer into my sexual needs?
  • Do I feel positive about my body and sensual self after this experience?


The Goal of The Sex & Sensuality Challenge

By the end of our time together, you will hopefully have a more positive view of your sexual and sensual self and  will have opened your mind to new experiences! This challenge is designed to give you tools to reprogram your brain to embrace your sensuality.

Day 1 - Fake it until you make it.

Day 5 - Own your body.

Day 8 - Touch your body.