Sex & Sensuality Self Care Challenge – Day 1

Fake It Until You Make It.

Feeling sexy, feeling sensual, loving your body, and loving yourself may not come naturally. Do you experience negative self talk? Do you question whether others will find you attractive? Do you avoid sexual or sensual topics because you struggle with your comfort level in those areas?

Society teaches us that our sexual selves are for someone else... that our appearance and our charm and our likability are related to how marketable we are for partners. But this simply isn't true! If you like who you are and feel confident in yourself, you won't care how other people view your body and mind. Their opinions don't matter!

To jump start the Sex & Sensuality Self Care Challenge, I challenge you to fake it until you make it! Tell yourself your body is sexy! Tell yourself you are charming! Spend some time walking around naked (or in your undies) today and listening to a song that makes you feel like a badass god or goddess! If negative thoughts about your body creep in, immediately list three things you like about yourself!

For example:

"I like my eyes." "I am a good cook." "I am great at research!"

The Goal of The Sex & Sensuality Challenge

By the end of our time together, you will hopefully have a more positive view of your sexual and sensual self and  will have opened your mind to new experiences! This challenge is designed to give you tools to reprogram your brain to embrace your sensuality.