Free Workshop 8/29 6 PM EST

Gaining Confidence to Top When You Aren't A Top

Presented by: Madam C

Location: Fallout 117 N 18th St, Richmond, VA 23223

Time: 6 PM- 8:40 PM           Free & Open to 18+


Do you identify as a submissive, slave, little, switch, or bottom? Have you ever been asked to top? Have you ever been curious about topping? Have you ever felt less than confident in your ability to top?

This workshop is for you!

Robotsatemyhair is going to share her proven techniques to help you identify strengths outside play so you can make them work for you in scenes!

We'll focus on:

  • Why it is okay to be curious about topping
  • Why tops sometimes want to be bottoms
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your preferred BDSM role
  • Identifying areas of confidence within your vanilla life
  • How to focus on learning new skills
  • Negotiating about topping when you're a bottom
  • Exercises to keep your confidence growing
  • And more!

This workshop is for all genders who are part of all dynamics, single, partnered, or poly age 18+.

What to Bring:

  • pen/pencil
  • paper/notebook
  • Fallout serves EXCELLENT food and drink. Cleanest kitchen in Richmond!!!

About the Presenter:

Madam C, is a Dominatrix who specializes in Life Coaching and Self Care Education. She has been sharing her Self Care knowledge and passion for kink with the BDSM and Chronic pain communities since 2012. She is a Delegate for the International Pain Foundation (the non-kinky pain, sadly) and has received training from the International Coaching Federation. Madam C has dedicated the past few years of her work to supporting closeted kinksters and a promoting self care awareness to anyone she meets. Prior to that she spent over a decade in corporate training and management focusing her energy on process improvement and adult learners.