Self Care Sessions


Have You Taken Time for Yourself Lately?

Men and women handle daily stress differently. Women need a trusted confidant. Men need an escape. Both can be defined as "me time". None of us are taking enough time for ourselves. But we should be! It's an important part of self care!

What Is Self Care?

Everything that you do to stay alive, and out of a doctor or therapist's office is technically self care. Self care can encompass broad strategies such as stress management and living mindfully. Self care can also address issues with self-esteem and worth.

When we are not sated by sleep, food, water, and human contact, we become less than ourselves.

Why Do I Have to Learn Self Care?


Self care isn't always easy. Self care requires you to make conscious decisions to put yourself first and requires every day practice to become part of your life. This becomes complicated within interpersonal and professional relationships where we are tasked with caring for others. You are not, however, allowed to give up the responsibility you have to take care of yourself... and you cannot serve from an empty vessel.

Being over-worked, subsisting on a poor diet, and leading a life that lacks joy can detract from existing authentically. I can work with you to find or make the time you need for yourself.  I offer Self Care Sessions that focus on meeting your emotional need to recharge.

For couples, small groups, & individuals, this session includes:

  • Self Care education
  • Finding your Self Care "Blind Spots"
  • Developing a Self Care Plan
  • Take-home strategies for creating a Self Care Lifestyle
  • Guided practice of relaxation and visualization skills
  • Online or In-Person Sessions
  • Learning how Self Care fits into your life and schedule with proven techniques for calming the mind
  • The option of a 60 or 90 minute session, or package plans
  • Sliding scale available